RJT Consulting, LLC

Helping St. Louis Area Small Businesses and Non-Profits Run Better

Serving St. Louis, St. Charles and Jefferson Counties Since 1992

What Does RJT Consulting Do...?

Basically, we offer three different types of services...

  • We assist independent business owners and non-profit organizations in areas where they need more help or expertise.
  • We work with individuals who are thinking about starting a new business to help them "get it set up!"
  • We provide monthly services such as bookkeeping, inventory auditing and management, web design and maintenance, etc.

Over twenty years ago our owner Ron Trucks set our course and we have remained true to that path all these years.  Our goal is to work specifically with small, independent business owners and non-profit organizations to help them through the challenges of starting up or running their organizations.

Our approach is very simple...  Just because a business owner, entrepreneur or volunteer may have a great talent, business concept, or the best of intentions, it doesn't mean he or she has all the experience or knowledge to get the business started or keep it running well.

  • A great chef may need help understanding payroll processing.
  • A body builder that owns a gym may need help managing inventory or pricing merchandise.
  • An Executive Director of a non-profit may not have the time or experience to manage the bookkeeping.
  • And the list goes on...

We're here to help out in the specific areas where our clients need a little extra experience or just someone to ask questions and "bounce ideas off of" - be that a little help every once in a while or more in-depth, more often.

  • For some, that just means having some one to talk to once a month to get an outside perspective
  • For some, that means having someone "on call" to reach out to when specific questions or needs come up
  • For some, that means having a weekly service where we take some of the work off of your plate.
    • Perhaps being your weekly bookkeeper...
    • Perhaps handling your social media marketing...
    • Perhaps having that "third party person" to handle your Human Resources needs...

Most importantly, we don't take on a large list of clients.  Our purpose is to be your resource and "ask us anything team".  To do that, contact with us stays very personal.  Every client first works directly with Ron to get a basic understanding of the business' or organization's needs.  From there, while Ron will always serve as your primary contact, we are fortunate to have a team of consultants that can be tapped to help with specific areas.

EVERY CLIENT - First two hour consultation is COMPLETELY FREE and then there's absolutely NO PRESSURE and NO OBLIGATION for any other services!

PLUS...  We don't lock our clients into long-term relationships!

We're not hear to be a drain on your finances!  We're here to help!  Because of that, we offer a WIDE VARIETY of options when it comes to our services.  You figure out what works best for you.

  • After the first visit, you decide if you want to proceed and how much.
  • And there are no surprises when it comes to rates and fees!

info@rjtc.com   ~   PO Box 169, Hillsboro, MO  63050   ~   636-633-0735   ~  fax:  314-787-1506

Serving St. Louis, St. Charles and Jefferson Counties Since 1992