RJT Consulting, LLC

Helping St. Louis Area Small Businesses and Non-Profits Run Better

Serving St. Louis, St. Charles and Jefferson Counties Since 1992

Where Is RJT Consulting Located...

We are a Metro St. Louis-area firm that is based in Jefferson County.

Like you, our goal is to keep our expenses down.  With that in mind, our team actually works out of our homes (and cars!)  That allows us to seriously reduce our overhead for office space, office equipment, etc. which means lower rates for our clients.

So how do we meet?  Our preference is to visit you where YOU do business.  This helps us better understand your operation and specific situation.

Even so, we also realize you may be working like we do - running a home-based business or just exploring the idea of starting a business.  You might not prefer to invite "strangers" into your home.  We get that!

With that in mind, as a St. Louis-based firm, we can schedule private meetings at various locations around the area.

Along with working with several businesses in the region that provide private meeting space for us, we have also met with with colleagues in area libraries, colleges and other firms for our initial consultation meetings.

More than anything else, we are FLEXIBLE and want you to feel comfortable.  We're always open to having coffee, grabbing lunch, etc.

info@rjtc.com   ~   PO Box 169, Hillsboro, MO  63050   ~   636-633-0735   ~  fax:  314-787-1506

Serving St. Louis, St. Charles and Jefferson Counties Since 1992